How old does one need to be before having to pay income tax?

The requirement to report income and pay taxes depends upon the amount of taxable income you receive during the taxable year, not your age. You may need to file an income tax form even though you do not owe any taxes. By way of example, for tax year 2016, dependents who earned over $6,300 were required to file a separate tax return. Dependents are defined as people for whom an exemption can be claimed by someone else, often a parent. You should consult the appropriate IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue publications or an accountant to determine what current income levels are.

What constitutes “income?”

Income includes all earnings, wages, interest on savings, or debts owed to you, tips, and even valuable property you are given in return for services performed, regardless of source or form of payment. It also includes tips and money paid to you for baby-sitting and lawn mowing. Income does not include the value of property you receive as a gift.

What if I am entitled to a refund?

A refund results from an overpayment of income tax, either by withholding or by estimated tax payments for the year in question. To obtain a refund, you must complete the appropriate tax return forms and file them with the appropriate federal and state agencies.

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